Another goal of mine in creating this blog, is to do my best to help people find what works and what does not work.

Because the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, it is easy for companies to claim that the product that they are selling can do everything from losing body fat to giving you the ability to fly.  I will talk about some of the supplements that work and those that do not work.  I want this blog to be accessible to all, so I will post my content in a way that is easy to digest and easily understood.  Feel free to make requests for supplements you would like me to cover in this blog!

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  1. I would LOVE to have the supplement that gives me the ability to fly!!! But I'll settle for one that can help me with thinning hair. I've taken boatloads of Biotin, but to no avail…no difference. Is there something else? Or something I'm supposed to be taking WITH the Biotin? Something I can add to my diet? I do get regular bloodwork done and my thyroid levels are good (with industrial doses of levothyroxine). So…not sure what the issue is. Possible it is hereditary. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey, Farmgirl! There are definitely some more supplements that i can recommend to you, however, i would like to do a bit more research before i make my recommendations. I would also like to ask you a few more questions, just to help me make sure that my recommendations would be well suited to you. Would you mind e-mailing me at

  3. Hey, Farmgirl! I wanted to go ahead and leave some info here in case you read it.

    When it comes to hair thinning, I do have some recommendations you could try out. I wanted to get some more information from you if or when you are able to. When it comes to supplementing with any kind of hair restoring supplement, it can take quite some time to notice results. For instance, minoxidil, which is an extremely common hair medication. But results for that can take upwards of six months. There is a minoxidil for women, if you wanted to go that route. It is supposed to be decently effective. But if you want to go just the supplement route, you can continue taking biotin but add in some keratin. Keratin is a protein found within your hair and nails and can help with strength as well as thickness when supplemented with. Since you mentioned that you have hypothyroidism, you could also try a thyroid health supplement, as well as supplementing with some extra zinc. It appears that thyroid hormone is necessary for the absorption of zinc, and if you have a history of hypothyroidism you could potentially have low levels of zinc which could prevent hair regrowth. So supplementing with that may be a good idea.

    I'll do some more research and provide any additional info I find!

    Here's the clinical study on zinc deficiency related to hypothyroidism:

    Thyroid health by emerald labs is also a fantastic thyroid health supplement.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

  4. It’s difficult to find educated people on this subject,
    however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

    1. Hey There!

      Thank you! I appreciate the compliment. 🙂

      I like to think that I know a bit about supplements. 🙂 I try my best to make sure that I’m providing as accurate information as possible!

      Thank you for coming to check out my website! I hope you have a great weekend!


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