Suppleyeah or Supplemeh

Suppleyeah or Supplemeh

Humans have been using various ingredients to aid in general health for thousands of years. This dates back as far as the Egyptian era, and their use of mushrooms for medicinal properties.  The usage of natural remedies to aid in curing ailments is ingrained within our history.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century…

Supplements!  Should you take them or should you not? Dietary supplements are substances intended for ingestion and meant to provide nutritional benefit.  They are meant to “supplement” a diet.  To help with nutritional deficiencies, or aid in strengthening joints, ligaments, and tendons, or many other issues. Hundreds of different types of supplements for a wide array of issues are on shelves from supermarkets to your local nutrition stores.  Supplements can be incredibly beneficial, but it is best to educate yourself first before making purchases. Supplements can be expensive, so save your money until you know what you’re buying.

Where do you start? 

There are ways to protect yourself to make sure that what you are purchasing contains exactly what you want. Look for products that are third party tested.  If they have a USP certification or a cGMP certification, you can feel safer going with those products.  This means that a company has voluntarily taken their product and had it tested at another facility to show it contains exactly what the label says.

It is important to understand one important aspect of the supplement industry.  Dietary supplements are NOT regulated by the FDA due to The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (follow this link only if you want a dry read). This comes with some pros I mention, as well as one big issue I go over in tomorrow’s post.

Some of the pros to the Act of 1994: 

This allows for innovation of products within the industry, and you do not need a prescription to purchase dietary supplements.  Consumers are free to find and purchase whatever supplements they desire without going through any other channel as well as acquiring the information necessary to make informed purchasing decisions.  They can head straight to a nutrition store and purchase what they are interested in. Consumers are free to find alternatives to support certain ailments, support performance and recovery from exercise, support cardiovascular issues, aid in joint support as well as a plethora of others.

If you haven’t guessed already…I believe in supplements, and I firmly believe that they can be of great aid to others.  Supplements have helped many of my clients with alleviating their issues.  I have recommended supplements to help with anxiety, depression, reducing cortisol(stress), natural inflammatories to reduce inflammation, or maybe a combination of these together. Not to mention they’ve helped me with issues ranging from sleep to stress.

Restating what I said earlier, it is best to educate yourself before making purchases on supplements. I will provide as accurate and honest information as I can. Leave a comment below or email me and I’ll  be happy to answer your questions!


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