Part two of ZMA! So, is it a dud or not?

Part two of ZMA! So, is it a dud or not?


How exciting!  The day has arrived for Part 2 of our ZMA series!

If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, immediately leave this post and read it.  Do it. Otherwise, the majority of this post will make little sense. 🙂

You can view it, here!

Okay, so, I’m assuming you have read Part 1 by now.  I’ll go ahead and do a mini recap.

In Part 1 of ZMA, we spoke about zinc, magnesium, and B6, as well as the dastardly and not too dashing Victor Conte.  It was filled with suspense, romance, thrills, and chills.

A man screaming in excitement over this wonderful post.

I’m sure you all were on the edge of your seats with that cliffhanger of an ending.

We shall continue with Aspartate, or as it is more commonly known as, Aspartic Acid.  First, here’s a little background on Aspartic Acid.

Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that is necessary for multiple functions within our bodies, including proper hormone function, proper functioning of our nervous system, is necessary in the creation of certain amino acids, and many other roles. The form in ZMA is L-Aspartic acid, the form that does not increase testosterone.  The form of aspartic acid that increases testosterone would be D-Aspartic Acid.  I will go into detail on the different forms of amino acids in a future post.  For now, you can learn more about it here.

So far, including the information from part one, the evidence doesn’t look too great for ZMA.

But maybe when these ingredients combine, they become a mega ultra testosterone booster/sleep enhancer!?

No, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work like that.   ZMA just seems to be a simple way to supplement these three ingredients and nothing more.  Here’s a brief article on ZMA by and here’s Suppversitys take on ZMA for “increased anabolic sleep.” Spoiler: He hates ZMA.

It doesn’t increase testosterone, enhance sleep, nor does it have any potent muscle growing or performance-enhancing benefits.
ZMA. A man who is thoroughly depressed that ZMA is crap.

WELL, it doesn’t look like it is the magical supplement we were hoping for. It’s not a completely useless supplement because it would still be beneficial for those who are extremely active or maybe those who do not get a sufficient amount of either zinc or magnesium in their diet. It’s just not the wonderful testosterone boosting and sleep enhancing wonder supplement we all hoped and dreamed for.


Oh? Do you mean the “study” mentioned on SNACS ZMA page?  This study?

Ah!  You thought I forgot!

What’s funny, is yes, this study looks decently legitimate. But upon closer inspection, however, you may find this teeny, insignificant, minute, incredibly minuscule detail.

Do you see it?  It’s easy to miss.  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s one of the authors.


Yes, the man who owns the patent to ZMA and who has ownership in the company that made ZMA. Not only was he one of the authors, his company SNAC was the company that funded the research.


This is about as biased as you can be.  A positive research outcome on his product ZMA would directly benefit him.  So it is in his best interest to ensure that the product shows results from this study.

This is what you call a “conflict of interest.”

So, this study cannot be taken into consideration.  Even if we were to take this study into consideration, there are plenty of other studies that disprove his study.  Such as this one that I mentioned earlier.

With all that being said, ZMA is a definite don’t.

ZMA. It basically just says that you most certainly should not take ZMAIf you loved what you read (or maybe just thought it was okay) go ahead and subscribe to get access to future exclusive content as well as regular updates to my blog. If there was anything that you feel I didn’t cover properly within this series, feel free to let me know! Any questions, fan mail, or if you wish to confess your undying love for me; send them to or comment.  Make sure to subscribe below!


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