Is Caffeine as amazing as we think it is? An Introduction into the world that is Caffeine.

Is Caffeine as amazing as we think it is? An Introduction into the world that is Caffeine.

Ah, Caffeine.  The (legal) stimulant king.

Caffeine is an extremely well-researched supplement with a lot of proven benefits. Because there is so much to it, I’m going to do a few parts.

Thus begins the caffeine saga.  A story of epic proportions, on par with that of the Iliad, the Odyssey,

or greater than

dare I say it…



Caffeine is a potent stimulant that is ubiquitous throughout our society. A staggering 85% of United States Citizens use it in some form, according to the Scientific Journal Food and Chemical Toxicology.

The epitome: coffee. Oh my, how it releases the most wondrous aroma that permeates the local hipster cafe. That daily cup of joe that gets our zombieesque-just-raised-from-the-grave-oh-please-let-me-go-back-to-sleep bodies out of bed.  It brings us back to the living, with vim and vigor to tackle challenges brought forth against us.

Unless you have been living in isolation from civilization the entirety of your life, then I’m sure you are well aware that it works.  At least, in getting you straight up out of your mind energetic.

I will admit, I became a bit of a stim junkie a few years back.  I was taking horrendously, disgustingly and absolutely obscene amounts of caffeine. I was using a pre-workout for a while, aptly named, Cannibal Ferox.

Fortunately, I did not become a cannibal potato.


Yeah, I was taking a little bit more than the full serving.  Like a silly person.  Anyway, I was pretty out of my mind.  I swear I could hear colors and taste sounds, I even think I could see smells. One minor annoyance, not a big deal really, is that I could only communicate in screams.

But, Yeah… I put a stop to that and decided it wasn’t worth it to constantly crack myself out on caffeine.

I now keep my caffeine at a much more modest five grams a day.  Just kidding.  I Would Die.

More along the lines of 3-4 cups of coffee a day.

Enough about me.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, caffeine builds up a tolerance.  Hence the increasing need to progress to stronger and stronger products to satisfy our caffeine fix, in hopes that it will give you that initial blast of energetic euphoria.

Eventually, and unfortunately, the tolerance will build up to a point where the only thing it can aid in, is staving off sleep. This is called an insurmountable tolerance.  So, drinking yourself into a caffeinated stupor will eventually lead to a point where it just won’t give you the same pick me up

If you are interested in retaining that great feeling, it may be in your best interest to cycle caffeine. Although, there are numerous benefits associated with chronic caffeine consumption, such as a reduced risk of developing Parkinson’s disease (Info at 4.16) as well as a reduced risk of developing type-2 diabetes (Info at 6.3).  I’ll go over these benefits in detail in the next part of my super-amazing caffeine series.

Here’s an article from that goes into detail on cycling caffeine and why it may or may not be beneficial to do.  The jist of it is it depends on what you want! Do you want to experience that initial blast of energy when you began your unholy journey into caffeination, then cycling maybe what you want!  There are multiple benefits, aside from getting that massive surge of energy, when taken infrequently.  If you don’t really give a crap, and you just enjoy coffee, then continue with consuming caffeine.  Although be aware, there are downsides to excessive caffeine consumption.  Which I will cover in a future post!

Over the next few parts of this series, I will go into detail on how it works, the benefits of chronic caffeine consumption, benefits of short-term caffeine consumption, if it actually helps burn body fat, neurological benefits, the downsides and… maybe some others I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out!


I wrote this article while incredibly energetic.



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