Vitamin C Part 1: Vitamin Sea

Vitamin C Part 1: Vitamin Sea

Arrr, scurvy, the plague O me ship. But, AVAST ye scurvy dogs. Vitamin C!  It be the anti-scurvy vitamin.

Aye, me hartys! Me life was spared, to continue pillagin ‘n plunderin.  Davy Jones locker be not havin’ this ol’ salty sea-dog.

Aye, yarr, and a yo-ho.

Ahem. Anyway, I wanted to do this entire article in pirate-speak, but I decided against it.  If people want me to do an entire article in pirate-speak, however, then I totally will.

I spent an embarrassing amount of time researching on how to speak (write) like a pirate for this article.  If you wish to speak like a pirate, here be some nifty resources for ye, ya filthy bilge rat.

Here, here and here.

Fun fact: The Bilge is the lowest level of the ship, filled with ballast and nasty-ass water.  So a bilge rat is a rat that lives in the worst part of the ship, roaming around in filthy conditions.

A little boy-pirate surrounded by fire and also has an eyepatch. Vitamin C!
I didn’t choose the pirate life. The pirate life chose me.

Okey dokey!



So, as I mentioned earlier and as most are aware, scurvy was the plague of sailors and pirates for hundreds of years.  Scurvy is from a severe vitamin C deficiency, potentially causing a multitude of symptoms, from fatigue, depression, to loss of teeth, swollen bleeding gums, capillary fragility and potentially death if treatment is not provided in a timely manner.

It was not uncommon for pirates/sailors to go out to sea with a couple hundred crew, and return with only twenty to thirty men.  The vast majority having perished from scurvy.

This was an extreme problem that persisted for quite some time, but the “restorative” powers of fruit were eventually discovered and used to help treat and prevent scurvy.  Scottish Physician, Sir James Lind of the British navy, would have seamen sent out with loads of lime juice.  Before the mandatory implementation of lime juice, many perished from scurvy.  After lime juice was regularly being sent out, virtually none were dying from scurvy.

It was not until many years in later, in 1932, when a brilliant Hungarian chemist by the name of Albert Szent-Gyorgi discovered the anti-scurvy chemical compound Vitamin C.

What’s interesting, is when it was first discovered by Albert, he had named it Hexuronic Acid, which he later changed to L-Ascorbic Acid because of its “antiscorbutic” properties.  Scorbutic means relating to or affected by scurvy.  So it was basically named for its anti-scurvy properties.

Alright, my supplereaders!  I’ll go ahead and end it there for Vitamin C.  I’ll be releasing the second part soon, with more info on how it works and what it does within our bodies.  And other stuff, but yeah, that.

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Stay tuned. <3

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