Motivation Weekly! Never give in, damn it.

Motivation Weekly! Never give in, damn it.

Never Give in, never give up, never surrender. A motivational image about persevering through hardships

When life drags you down, you get the hell back up and keep fighting.  Do not give in when the going gets tough.  Persevere through the obstacles that block you from your path towards success.  Let nothing stand in your way.  Become that person you are meant to be.  I firmly believe that if you push through those hardships, you will come out the other side a substantially stronger person.  You will thank yourself, you will be so incredibly happy with the person that you have become, you will do so many wonderful things because the experiences that you have fucking struggled through have molded you.

They have shaped you into someone even more incredible.  Somehow even more beautiful and wonderful.

You are far more magnificent than you could possibly imagine.


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