Dr. Oz and Why Green Coffee Extract Is A Pile of Crap Part 1

Dr. Oz and Why Green Coffee Extract Is A Pile of Crap Part 1

Green coffee extract, another wondrous fat burning supplement that melts fat like an acid bath melts people.  Another Dr. Oz special, where it had been claimed as a miracle fat buster.  Make sure, before purchasing, you throw your money into a pile and light it on fire before you prostrate before your shrine to Dr. Oz man.  The Oz man knows all.

If I could scream and sigh at the same time and somehow make it audible through my post I would.  Maybe I could make a little mp4 of me screaming for the duration of this post.  I’m thinking about creating a youtube channel where I scream at pictures of Dr. Oz on inanimate objects.

A man that has been hurt by dr. oz and only wants to take it out by screaming at him. Green Coffee Extract

Is it possible to be allergic to words?  Because my throat swells up and I get this strong desire to desecrate a graveyard every time I see his name.  I’m not too sure this is a normal allergic reaction…

A gif of a man desecrating a graveyard. Green Coffee Extract.

Now, I’m going to admit that some of what Dr. Oz says is pretty neat, like some of the stuff he says in this video:

I like that he’s using his platform to provide some decent information to try and get people to be healthier!  I think that is absolutely wonderful.  He uses his platform for good and tries to help people become healthier, but does it make up for some of the crap he tries to promote?

One quote from an article published in the New Yorker really stands out to me:

“Much of the advice Oz offers is sensible, and is rooted solidly in scientific literature. That is why the rest of what he does is so hard to understand.”

The Dr. Oz effect is very real.  People trust Dr. Oz and will listen to him when he says a certain product works or not.  People will trust Every. Word. He. Says.  He has such overwhelming influence, that when a product is shown on his show, that product can hardly stay on store shelves.

A study was conducted by the British Medical Journal that analyzed about 40 episodes of Dr. Oz that were chosen at random.  A major issue is that a substantial percentage of the recommendations made on his show lacked supportive evidence.  A whopping 54% of the recommendations made on those shows lacked supportive evidence or contradicted the existing evidence.

This article touches on some of the questions I have about Dr. Oz.  For instance, is Dr. Oz doing more harm than good with the use of his platform? The platform that is televised to around 2.9 million daily viewers who trust him and are influenced by what he says?  One viewer, who was quoted by the New York Times, said: “I haven’t seen a doctor in eight years.  I’m scared, you’re the only Doctor I trust.”

In this article, it goes over how he was reamed by members of Congress because of the products he touted as “miracle fat busters.”  He himself has admitted that his language was “flowery.”

In that article, he also says he believes in the products he promotes but even someone such as he, who is a prominent and well-respected cardiothoracic surgeon, should most definitely understand how studies work.  He claims to passionately study the supplements he promotes, but some of the “studies” that have been used to back his claims have such extremely poor methodology that they are a literal joke.  One such study I go over in the next part was retracted quickly and the relevant parties were fined millions.  It also just so happens to be the exact study Dr. Oz cites during his spiel on green coffee extract.A man who has had enough of dr. oz. Green Coffee Extract.

The dishonesty that pervades the supplement industry infuriates me.  What makes it far worse, is that someone such as Dr. Oz has access to resources upon resources to acquire accurate information and provide it to the public.

Dr. Oz has made some significant contributions in the way of Health Awareness.  Empowering people to take control of their health, and making people more aware of diseases such as atherosclerosis and other diseases.

The show could definitely use more butts though.

What I have learned from researching Dr. Oz, is that it’s hard to fit him into a single category and leave it at that.  You can say “he’s just a quack doctor, trying to sell a bunch of snake oil” but it’s not nearly that simple.  He’s a well-credentialed doctor who graduated from Harvard, top of his class, and like I mentioned previously is a  freaking heart surgeon.  That has to be one of the most incredibly stressful, and most skill-intensive jobs out there.  It also has to be one of the most metal jobs out there.  Cracking open a man’s chest, taking the mans heart and beating it with his own hands, while Metallica’s St. Anger screams in the background and the Doctor breaks out a vicious soul-destroying guitar solo.  This is definitely what happens when you are under the knife.

Under the knife will be my new band name.

Moving on…

I agree with the author of this article, that it is difficult to quantify Dr. Oz’s worthwhile contributions, and compare them against his not so worthwhile contributions.

For me personally, I consider the way he touts certain cures, remedies, and products as “revolutionary, groundbreaking, a miracle,” as being completely irresponsible and extraordinarily appalling.

What I would like to see, is Doctor Oz delving deeper into the research and really making sure that the product is worthwhile before touting it as another miracle breakthrough. Or, at least, tone it back a bit.  Or make it more fun.  Instead of just calling it a plain ol’ miracle, he could say “This supplement is pants-shittingly awesome.  You’ll grow a beard, breathe fire and be attracted to everything.  Oh buddy, and I mean everything.  Women, men, dogs, and toasters.  Life is about to get rad as hell and weird as fuck real quick.” ~Dr. Oz, probably.

A guy being weird with his toasty toaster. No relevance to Green Coffee Extract, just a crappy joke.
Forbidden love.

Eh, I’m just a guy who makes shitty jokes and likes his pets a little too much, so what do I know.

All right, well, I could rant about this for at least the length of an average Stephen King novel, but I’ll go ahead and move on for now.

If you would like to read an extremely well-written article about Dr. Oz, you can read the article posted on the newyorker called The Operator.

Anyway, green coffee extract is supposedly able to reduce body fat.  Kind of like the other weight loss “miracle” Garcinia Cambogia.

Well, according to the research that’s out on it, it…does? Sort of? Albeit incredibly mildly and nowhere near the level at which some people claim it works.  Another pretty major issue is that the majority of research that has been done on its weight reducing effects was done by those who have a vested interest in its success.  I will go over this in heavy detail on the next part.

Who do we have to thank for bringing us green coffee extract?

Naturex is the company that decided that packaging the supplemental equivalent of dirt and bringing it to the market was a good idea.  The name of their product is Svetol.

The active ingredient in green coffee extract is chlorogenic acid, which is what provides the claimed fat eviscerating benefits. Chlorogenic acid is derived from unroasted coffee beans because the roasting process actually reduces the amount of chlorogenic acid in the coffee beans.

It is still unknown as to how exactly it goes about aiding in fat loss, but it is theorized that it works by blocking carbohydrate absorption.

Chlorogenic acid also appears to exert somewhat of a stimulatory effect, similar to caffeine, although it is very mild.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot more to say on the claimed benefits of green coffee extract.  Primarily because it is trash, and there is a literal fuck ton of information out there why it is just a waste of resources.

On next weeks part of green coffee extract, I’m going to put out the plethora of information I acquired on why green coffee extract is a bowl of shit pudding mixed with a dash of dishonesty, and a bottle of snake oil.

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